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The Grill ’N Glow has been a fantastic addition to our beach side restaurant.  Our guests have really enjoyed the Grill N' Glow 's for open fires, cooking S’mores, and beach barbecues. The Grill N' Glow has become a sought after experience.

Tad Belshe | Vice President, Operations

The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove 



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The only "all-in-one" BBQ and Fire Pit, in one convenient unit.

You can try out a Grill 'N Glow at select beach locations.

You can order your own Grill 'N Glow by clicking here. 

Grill 'N Glow Photo Gallery 

Quality family time enjoying roasting marshmellows

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.14.21 AM

Special family moments with the Grill N Glow

The first "All-In-One" Fire Pit and Barbecue.

bigger unit grill up

Grill will telescope upwards

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.11.10 AM

Grill in the lower position

bigger unit food

Rental Units at Beachcomber can include food to grill and all the BBQ utensils

big units beachcomber

Rental Units at Beachcomber

rent out a Grill n Glow till 10 PM any night

bigger unit deck

Grill N Glow will enhance your deck or backyard


Available in Bright Colors


Bringing back the simpler times


Grill your favorite meal while enjoying a bon fire


Easy to Transport even with strapped on propane tank


Coming in the Spring of 2016 a Smaller, lighter weight Grill N Glow


Grill your favorite meal


Collapsible and can fit into the trunk of cars


Easy to transport anywhere outdoors

koa units

Grill N Glow on the Go with KOA and RV owners

Photo Gallery
About Grill 'N Glow

And, It's Portable! Just Roll It Out and Turn It On! 

  • Portable buggy for ease of transporting with a propane tank.

  • Balloon tires maneuver easily in sand or rough terrains.

  • Artistic steel logs, no loose parts to fall out when transporting.

  • State of the art burners to produce taller, brighter flames.

  • Telescoping grill for lower or higher positions.

  • Electronic ignition.

  • Engineered for safety.

  • Complies with ANSI testing.

Perfect for Backyards, Tailgates, Camping, Beaches, Lakes, Hotels, Resorts, Campsites, RV Sites and Adventure Destinations.

The "All-In-One" BBQ & Fire Pit 

Try Grill 'N Glow

Try Grill 'N Glow

Grill 'N Glow's Can Be Rented At These Locations  

World Famous

Crystal Cove - Newport Beach

Beachcomber Restaurant

15 Crystal Cove

Newport Coast, CA 92657

(949) 376-6900

The Famous Beachcomber Restaurant Offers Grill 'N Glow's On The Beach

More Locations

Coming Soon!

The Beachcomber provides a full package for your beach experience.​


• A Grill 'N' Glow

• Ready-To-Grill Food

• Beverages

• Chairs

• Blankets

Buy Grill 'N Glow

Grill 'N' Glow Comes in Two Sizes 

Large Unit

Small Unit

  • Price - $1,599

  • Color - Blue, Red, Orange, Purple

  • Size - 32” w x 27" h x 51" l

  • Weight - 125 lb

  • 90 to 120 Day Delivery Time


  • Price - Available 1/4/16

  • Color - Blue, Red, Orange, Purple

  • Size - 24"w x 14"h x 39"l

  • Weight - 60 lbs

  • 90 to 120 Day Delivery Time

  • Email for Pricing - Click Here

Availalble January 2017

To Purchase Grill 'N Glow Contact:


Lisa Leighton 

Phone: 888.201.8805

To Send An Email - Click Here

Volume Discounts Available! 

Buy Grill 'N Glow



Lisa Leighton, CEO 

Phone: 888.201.8805

To Send An Email - Click Here




Crystal Cove Beach



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